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Yr11 Revision

Everyone feels a level of anxiety when taking exams. Attached are some tips to help you make the most of your revision time and keep any nerves you may have under control.

It’s important to remember that an examination is a test of learning, not memory. Examiners want to see evidence that you have drawn on your knowledge to develop a reasoned argument, rather than replicate course notes and textbook facts. Revision should be a process of consolidating understanding rather than cramming as much information as possible before the morning of the exam.

Use the attached subject specific guidance to help you prepare thoroughly for the upcoming exams, but remember that the best resource is your teacher in school. Ask them for as much help and support that you feel you will need with the exams.

The dates for each exam can be found in the key dates section of the website. A letter outlining the arrangements for the exam period is attached below: