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The School Day


School opens (Breakfast Club)

8.30 - 8.55 am

Period 1

8.55 - 9.55 am

Period 2

9.55 - 10.55 am

BREAK (snacks & drinks offered)

10.55 - 11.10 am

Period 3

11.10 - 12.10 pm

LUNCH (cold options available)

12.10 - 12.40 pm

Period 4

12.40 – 1.40 pm

Period 5

1.40 – 2.40 pm

Form Time

2.40 - 2.50 pm

School Ends

2.50 pm
















The Park ESC is dedicated to working with Students that have been referred to us by a variety of Mainstream Schools. After a Panel meeting and the initial admissions process, students will be invited into the provision for a period of assessments that will allow us to determine the best path for success taking into account personal interests.

Students will follow a timetable that may be a mixture of lessons, practical learning and off site Alternative Provision. There may be a period of time that Students may be educated off site supported by The Park staff.

When Students enter either centre they will be greeted by members of Staff and asked to hand in all personal belongings that will be locked away for safe keeping until the end of the School day.

Each student is assigned a Form Tutor and/or Mentor that will be available on a daily basis for students to meet and discuss issues that may affect their education and or time spent at The Park. He or She is there to ensure that the Student makes as much academic progress as possible but is also available to discuss other issues such as social emotional and mental health issues that may be a barrier to learning.