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KS3 – Environmental Studies

At KS3 students receive one 60 minute lesson of Science and one 60 minute lesson of Environmental Studies per week.

The course is designed to fill any gaps students may have in their Science education and to help prepare students for their return to mainstream school. Science lessons at the Park ESC KS3 Centre are closely linked to Science in the Real World, so pupils have many opportunities to relate what happened in the classroom to many of the things they experience in the outside world.

The curriculum is designed to be stimulating and hands-on to help students re engage in the curriculum, as well as prepare them for Science studies as they move through the school years. The course is split into three terms with a number of topics being covered each term.

We grow a vast variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowering plants. Students are given the opportunity to sow, grow and harvest their own crops throughout the year.


We cover topics from all three of the Science disciplines, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Topics covered during the academic year include; 


Environmental Science

Fertilisation of plants

Plant biology

Climate change


Garden Maintenance

Growing fruit and vegetables

Making weather stations

Growing broad beans

Food chains


Putting the garden to bed

Harvesting crops

Making weather stations

Autumn art


Life cycles

Electricity and electronics

Making circuits

Energy and its uses Cells

Organ systems

Diet and Nutrition

Diet plans and sport

Heat transfer and changes of state

Conduction, convection and radiation


Assessment at KS3:

Assessment takes place half termly in two forms, either a traditional test or an APP style teacher assessment. This uses a new progression objectives scale, based on age related targets. We aim to complete one of each style of assessment each school term.

Formative marking takes place bi-weekly to closely monitor progress being made by pupils.


Course: BTEC Science

Level: 1&2

Brief outline of course:

Across year 10 and 11 the three core subjects, Biology, Physics and Chemistry are all covered. The content is split up in to bitesize chunks, to give a range of topics throughout the two year course. The topics are varied and they offer an opportunity to complete practical work across the subject areas.

Students will work towards completing coursework for each topic, with final coursework being submitted in the summer term of year 11.

Topics covered include;

Starting work in the Science sector

  • The study of living organisms
  • Physics and our universe
  • Forensic detection
  • Healthier living
  • Making and testing cosmetic products
  • Skills and techniques for chemistry investigation
  • Causes of Disease and Maintaining Health
  • Growing Plants for Commercial Use
  • Practical Scientific Project
  • Making Useful Scientific Devices
  • Using Mathematical Tools in Science
  • Science in the World

To gain an Award in Applied Science, students need to complete coursework amounting to 6 credits.

To gain a Certificate in Applied science, students need to complete coursework amounting to 13 credits.

The course allows for easy differentiation in both content taught and coursework set, so it suits the diverse range of abilities of students at The Park. 

Because of the makeup of the course, students joining the school later on into KS4 will still have the opportunity to achieve a level 1 qualification in Science.