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Special Educational Needs and Disability

Here at The Park we emphasise the importance of raising the achievement of all our students and ensure equality of opportunity for all regardless of gender, race, SEND, background and sexual orientation

The Park ESC acknowledges that a significant proportion of our students will have special educational needs/disabilities (SEND) or may experience difficulties at some point during their school career.

The Park aims to provide all students with strategies for dealing with their needs in a supportive environment, and to give them meaningful access to a broad and balanced curriculum, whatever their special educational needs/disability and also receive appropriate educational provision through a curriculum that is relevant and differentiated, and that demonstrates coherence and progression in learning, whilst offering every student the opportunity to experience success.

The Park believes that each student has individual and unique needs, but that some students require more support than others. If these students are to achieve their full potential, we must recognise this and plan their education accordingly, giving students with SEND equal opportunities to take part in all aspects of the school’s provision.

At The Park ESC we endeavour to respond actively and positively to all students’ individual needs to build up their ability to work independently, build up their confidence and their self-esteem, to the extent that they feel safe and equal to their peers, whilst developing a positive attitude towards their own learning.

We place emphasis on genuine communication and partnership when working with parents; greater importance to listening to the voice of the student and to involve students with SEND in planning their educational pathways.

We aim to involve, support and work closely with parents/carers during their time at The Park ESC, whilst we endeavour to ensure that students with SEND and their parents/ carers have full access to all available information and are given opportunities to express their opinion, and have that opinion taken into account in any matters that may affect them. We also aim to work collaboratively with other schools, professionals and support services.

The Park ESC is an inclusive provision where every child is valued and respected. We are committed to the inclusion, progress and independence of all of our students, including those with SEN. We work to support our students to make progress in their learning, their emotional and social development, and their independence. We aim to create a learning environment which is of high quality but we also actively work to support the learning and needs of all members of our community. Further information can found within the School SEND Policy on the website or from the school’s SENCo Mr T Laud.

Please find below our SEND Information Report, if you require a paper copy please contact the school.

Please also find attached information for parental support for young people with Mental Health Concerns.