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Home School Agreement

Students will


  • Aim to achieve my targets
  • Cooperate with members of staff
  • Be respectful of the feelings of staff & students
  • Undertake to be a good citizen
  • Arrive at school & lessons with the necessary equipment
  • Aim for 100% attendance
  • Not leave  the premises without permission
  • Wear my uniform correctly with no facial piercings
  • No graffiti
  • Complete all work to the best of my ability
  • Respect the School building, property and surroundings.
  • Adhere to students Code of Conduct & Behaviour Checklists
  • Be safe & responsible
  • Take responsibility for my own behaviour
  • Respect the school property
  • Put my possessions in a locker each day
  • Tell my parents/carer/teacher if I encounter problems
  • Tell a member of staff if I have any worries or concerns
  • Bring back reply slips and letters promptly

School will

  • Deliver a broad & balanced curriculum
  • Set ambitious targets for pupils
  • Promote high standards of work & behaviour
  • Ensure your child is given every opportunity to achieve their full potential as a valued member of the school community
  • Provide the appropriate programme for your child. This chosen programme is reviewed on a regular basis and can be changed after consultation with pupil, parent, key worker & head of Centre
  • Respect students of all origins & abilities & their families
  • Care for your child’s safety & wellbeing
  • Check attendance
  • Follow up issues with attendance & punctuality with parents & pupils
  • Make uniform requirements clear
  • Mark/assess work showing students how to improve
  • Explain the student Code of Conduct & Behaviour Checklists
  • Apply the consequences & rewards fairly
  • Encourage respect of property & possessions
  • Communicate & consult fully with parents/carers regarding their child. This will include regular reports, meetings & review days

Parents/Carers will

  • Attend consultation & discussion meetings at the school regarding my child’s work, progress & behaviour
  • Encourage respect towards staff & students & support my child in responding positively to expectations & rules of The Park ESC
  • Ensure my child attends school regularly & punctually
  • Notify school when this is not possible
  • Ensure that my child leaves home each day appropriately dressed for school
  • Show interest in my child’s work & support my child with his or her homework & home study opportunities to ensure that they complete their homework on time
  • Support students to cooperate with The Park’s behaviour code
  • Encourage respect for school property & the property of others
  • Let the school know of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s behaviour
  • Agree to my child attending The Park ESC & the programme of study. I understand that this programme can be changed if appropriate