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First Day Information

What will happen during my first week at The Park ESC?

Your first week at The Park ESC will be an opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to be introduced to the routines and expectations of our centre. During the week you will be shown around the centre and become acquainted with the staff team. In order for the school team to learn a bit more about you and your experiences in school we will ask you to complete a Pen Portrait, a Rosenburg self-esteem survey and a Strengths & Difficulties Survey, this is a good time for you to tell us what you like and dislike about school and what strategies we can put in place to help you.

You will take three Cognitive Ability Tests during the first week, these will enable us to determine your learning strengths and highlight areas where you might need more support in order for you to progress. You will also complete a Pupil Attitudes to Staff and School survey from which we can decide where you may have some difficulties with school and how you learn, from these we can set you some personal targets to help you to settle into school life and be more successful in your learning. Finally LUCID exact will be used to assess your current reading, reading comprehension and spelling age and from this we can conclude if you will need any extra literacy interventions.

Once all this has been completed you will be allocated a form group and a teaching group and you will be ready to take part in lessons and the life of our school.