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Frequently asked questions:

Is your timetable different from Mainstream school?  

We cover all the core subjects on the school timetable; however we also offer an alternative curriculum, which promotes vocational study and practical based work. This may be appropriate for some students to help them engage in school and education.

What are the timings of the day? 

Our day starts at 8:50am, where we offer breakfast (optional).  Lesson 1 begins at 8:55am.  We have two 60min lessons before break time, which is at 10:55am for 15 mins and then a further 60min lesson, which takes us to 12:10pm for lunch. After lunch there are a further two 60min lessons followed by 10min form time. The school day ends at 2.50pm.

How long is each lesson? 

Each lesson is 60mins long. We do not have change over time between lessons.

Do you serve lunches? 

We currently provide school lunches for al students both free school meals and paying students. Students can purchase a cold lunch by placing an order at the start of each day. This can be paid for using SchoolComms. Students are welcome to bring snacks in to eat at break time. Please be aware that we encourage healthy eating at The Park.

Do they wear school uniform? 

Yes, students are expected to wear a school uniform. Rewards are given for correct school uniform and students will be sent home if they refuse to come in wearing what is expected. We have some spare items to be worn if there is an issue.

The uniform is a navy blue polo shirt with logo/navy blue jumper with logo, black trousers or school skirt, black trainers or shoes.

We have a range of sizes, which can be ordered through our school office

How long is my child likely to be at your school? 

This is something we cannot predict.  It will all depend on behaviour once your child attends The Park, and also looking at options to reintegrate students back in to mainstream if applicable.

What is the behaviour and reward system? 

Our behaviour and reward system is in place to ensure students and parents are aware of the boundaries and rules we have in place at The Park.  Students can earn reward points which tally up to earn vouchers that the students can spend in a range of shops. 

How big are the class sizes? 

Generally our classes range from 3-6 students.  We try not to have any classes bigger than 5.

Where ARE you based? 

We are based on two sites; the site on FieldView Road, and the other site is on Potters Bar High Street. Students attend both sites on different days depending on their timetable.

What lessons will my child do? 

Your child will cover all the core subjects and a range of alternative curriculum lessons, please see curriculum page.


Students generally make their own way to school, however occasionally, transport can be provided. This has to go through an application process with supporting evidence to achieve this benefit.

Students are provided with a train/bus pass which is applied for through PTU.  It costs £10 to replace any lost tickets.