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Ethos and Values


At The Park we have the highest aspirations for all students and will ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes through our excellent teaching, engaging curriculum and quality of care and support. Staff set standards of excellence for all our students and we take pride in and expect high standards of behaviour of all our students.  Our curriculum offers an ever increasing range of opportunities to enable our students to develop in confidence as they explore diverse and challenging activities in and outside of the classroom. We have a great reward system that acknowledges positive work and sustained effort and there is a clear set of rules to encourage appropriate behaviour.

Students  are expected to take personal responsibility for their actions and work hard in all lessons, use appropriate language, respect the rights and property of others, be punctual at all times and attend every teaching session.

We pride ourselves on our strong links with all professional services and families connected with our pupils; dedicated to promoting improvement and their return to mainstream education, another learning or working environment.

The theme of our Behaviour Policy states:

 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'

Lao Tzu

Mission Statement

'The purpose of The Park Education Support Centre is to make success and achievement a common goal, within a climate of mutual respect'