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Curriculum Overview


At The Park Education Support Centre (ESC) we aim to prepare our young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life through spiritual, moral, cultural, emotional, academic and physical development. We believe that learning is an enjoyable, lifelong process and we will inspire, challenge and sup- port our students by recognising individual needs and talents. By providing a broad and balanced range of learning experiences we will encourage all students to achieve their potential and exceed their expectations.


The curriculum we provide at The Park ESC endeavours to provide a relevant curriculum which primarily addresses the diverse and complex needs of the students referred to the centre and as far as possible.

Equal opportunities & Inclusion

The Park ESC offers equal opportunities to every child from all backgrounds; regardless of gender, beliefs, sexuality, disability and ethnicity in all aspect of the curriculum and school life.

Curriculum Aims:

The curriculum provides opportunities for each student to:

  • develop literacy, numeracy, ICT and oratoryskills
  • develop self-confidence and raise selfesteem
  • develop emotional literacy and socialskills
  • develop cooperative skills and a mutual respect for theneeds and rights ofothers
  • promote self-discipline, intellectual challenge, highexpecta- tions and independentenquiry
  • acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to adult lifeand employment

The Park ESC aims to provide:

Continuity of learning and early identification of individual needs by ensuring:

  • accurate baseline assessments are made usinginformation from schools and inductionassessment
  • parity with mainstream in coresubjects
  • close liaison with all schools and involved professionalagen- cies. Adherence to SEN procedures (see SENpolicy)
  • cross-curricular development of basic literacy, numeracy and ICT skills
  • staff have understanding of appropriate progression routes and the links between the mainstream and post 16 curriculums.

From September 2018 the table below shows where each subject will be taught:

Subject Split:

Fieldview Road

High Street

Science (3.04)

English (4.01 + 4.02)

Maths (3.01 + 3.02)

COPE (4.06)

PE/Sport (3.06 + 3.05)

Business (4.03)

Food (3.07)

Citizenship (4.03)

Construction (3.10)

Art (4.04 + 4.05)

Hair & Beauty (3.08)

Open Minds (4.08)

Gardening (3.04)

Princes Trust (4.08)

Urban Skills (3.03)

Childcare (4.05)

Park Life (3.06 + 3.05)

Forest School (4.06)


PSHE (4.08)

Literacy (4.11)


Please view the Curriculum Brochure below for full information: