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Business Studies



Course:  Edexcel GCSE Business

Level: GCSE

Brief outline of course:

Studying GCSE Business at The Park ESC provides learners with a broad introduction to the business sector and an understanding of how businesses operate. Pupils will be encouraged to develop their confidence and acquire a range of skills such as time management, decision making, oral presentations, teamwork and problem solving. In addition learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of practices and techniques used within entrepreneurship. The course is separated into two themes and each theme contributes towards 50% of the final GCSE qualification.

Theme 1: Investigating small business content overview

  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Spotting a business opportunity
  • Putting a business idea into practice
  • Making the business effective
  • Understanding external influences on business

Theme 2: Building a business content overview

  • Growing the business
  • Making marketing decisions
  • Making operational decisions
  • Making financial decisions
  • Making human resources decisions

With a GCSE Business qualification pupils can go straight into employment or continue their studies with an apprenticeship, BTEC or A level. Alternatively learners can use the entrepreneurial skills learnt to spot a gap in the market and develop a business opportunity of their own.