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Admission Procedures

Student Admission

Students are referred to The Park ESC, following a recommendation from the Integration Panel or if they are permanently excluded from their current school.

They then attend an admission meeting at The Park ESC with their parents/carers and a professional from the previous school (where applicable). In this meeting the expectations of The Park ESC are discussed and how best we can meet the needs of the student.

Every referral is treated with equal attention and goes through the same process.

  1. Care is taken during the admissions process to identify individual needs of the student and if they can be met by The Park ESC
  2. If a place at The Park ESC is referred through the Integration Panel all parties must be in agreement e.g. student, parent/carer, mainstream school and The Park ESC
  3. On the rare occasion that the student’s needs cannot be met by The Park ESC we advise and guide the mainstream school in establishing an alternative provision
  4. All mainstream Head Teachers are informed of the students taken onto our roll through the monthly ‘Hard to Place’ protocol and thus the movement of these students is monitored by the local heads consortium
  5. When a referral process begins we also take great care in ensuring that the mix of students on site is safe, for example if a school refers more than one student in a year group the relationship between the two would need investigating before a place given


All students initially go through an induction programme following an afternoon timetable, which will then lead into a core group offer. The aim of this programme is to complete a series of assessments and ensure a successful transition into The Park ESC.

The assessments include Cognitive Abilities Tests (CATs), which are nationally recognised assessments. These are diagnostic assessments that are designed to help the school understand how each student learns and what their academic potential might be. It assesses how students think in areas that are known to make a difference to learning. CATs provide teachers with information that can form the basis for discussions about how best a student can learn and reach his or her potential in school.

Each new student is allocated a form tutor. The form tutor is part mentor, part advocate and part advisor. He or she is there to ensure that the student makes as much progress as possible at The Park ESC, whether this is in practical subjects, academic subjects or in social and emotional development. The form tutor will meet with their mentee on a regular basis and contact home fortnightly to discuss any issues the student may be experiencing whilst they are at The Park.

A vital part of the school year at The Park ESC is a parent consultation afternoon to review of all students’ attainment.  Parents and Carers are expected to attend this day once a term with their child. 

KS3 12 Week Respite Provision:

The 12-week respite provision is an intensive respite package which is aimed at students identified by their mainstream school to be at risk of permanent exclusion or those who need a period of respite in order to address the barriers to learning they are experiencing. This approach is designed to reengage, reintegrate and return pupils to school within a term.

The majority of the centre-based provision addresses and challenges the complex needs of the students which has led to them being dual-registered with The Park ESC. Topics covered include: Having a Conversation, My Strengths, Dealing with Anger, Confrontation, Conflict Behaviour and Bullying through our Open Minds curriculum. Students are also offered lessons in English, Maths as well as more practical subjects such as Construction, Hair & Beauty, Art and PE. In addition, students spend time doing bespoke activities which promote collaborative working, social cohesion and resilience. Meal times or break times are included but are used as learning opportunities in how to behave and engage positively during unstructured times in school. Students will also receive sessions as required from our Lifecoach, Counsellor or Arts Therapist.

Throughout the programme contact is maintained with the referring school. Students are gradually supported by Park ESC staff to reintegrate back in to mainstream education. The aim is for students to leave The Park ESC by the end of the programme and receive outreach support as required.